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Redefine your style and Stay OUT OF THE CROWD with Our: 

Versatile Designs, Super Comfortable, and Ever-Lasting Artisanship Leather Shoes, from Handpainted Slides to Custom Ankle Boots this Collection is simply the best yet One of a Kind of all times.

This Artistic Leather Hi-Top Shoe is finely crafted by hands using old Artisan Technics and processes to make them the beautiful, and One Of A Kind shoe you deserve, Using Only High-Quality Leather, Tanned Naturally in Traditional Local Tanneries in Fes.

Starting with This Awesome Hand Drawn Leather High Top Flat Boot: 

handpainted leather shoes

One of a Kind Genuine Leather Desert Shoe for women and men, Styled with Unique Hand-Painted Artworks, each pair of these awesome leather boot is an affordable luxury that cleverly combines an Individual Appearance with modern Practicality.

Red Unique Fashion Derby Paint shoe for women

Get ready to receive compliments for that one of a kind derby shoes.

This rustic vintage-looking Oxford Flat Shoe are finely crafted by hands using old Artisan technics and processes to make them the beautiful, and the One Of A Kind shoe you deserve.


Women's Handmade Slip-On Loafer with Tassel, Custom Hand Paint Leather Flat Ballet Shoe

This Bohemian and Hipster Style Moccasin for men and women is suitable to wear for casual routine, special vacation events, parties and for beach trips. Every outfit will be perfectly planned with these stunning shoes! From jeans to shorts, dresses, and skirts of any length, these fashion shoes are a surefire way to top off any outfit for a day to night look.

HandPainted Slide Leather Sandal, Flat Slip-on Sandal, Hermes Summer Slide Sandal

Handcrafted Perfectly By Making Each Item One At a Time To Match Your Special Style, The Process Is Entirely Traditional and Ethnic Using Only Guilt-free Genuine Leather plus some Natural Ingredients for The Tanning Process In Order To Endure The Test Of Time, the Daily Comfort and the Unique Special Look.
You will feel the love and care the minute you touch it and the longer you carry it the better it will look and the more you will love it.



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