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Foot Drawing


You will need: Two sheets of thin white A4 paper (one for each foot), a sharp pencil, a dressmakers tape measure (measurements MUST be in millimeters not centimeters), and a friend. Please note very thick socks or using a thick pen can make a size difference so wear the socks you intend to wear with your new shoes.


Stand naturally with one foot on each piece of paper on a hard surface.


Ask your friend to draw round both feet using a sharp pencil. KEEP THE PENCIL UPRIGHT AT ALL TIMES, especially at the heel.


Lift your toes up off the paper and ask your friend to slip the tape measure under each foot in turn to make a measurement around the widest part of your foot.


The measurement should be in millimetres, all the way around the foot at the widest part (from the big toe joint to the protruding joint behind the little toe joint). Before removing the tape, mark its position and the dimension in mm on the foot drawings.


Your finished drawings/profiles should look similar to this (see illustration 6). Please also make notes on the profiles of any problems you normally have when buying shoes. Send your foot drawings with your name, address, contact number, your usual shoe size, choice of style, colour and sole.

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